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Enjoy your
University years are filled with potential.

This is a time for excitement. A time for joy. A time for exploration.

This is when you find out who you are.
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But before it even starts you’ll discover that the world can be full of mundane practicalities. The first of which is finding the right place to live. There are a lot of student accommodations out there; some are pretty bare and basic, while others do too much hand-holding.

Almero understands that their role is to help students make the most of this golden time by encouraging and supporting them as they develop a sense of their own independence.
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Almero treats its residents as young adults and creates an environment that allows them to become confident, curious and independent – so they can look after themselves responsibly.
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Parents can feel reassured that we are always here to provide help if anyone needs it. Almero offers a range of quality accommodation with tech-enabled services, great security, all in excellent locations. This will give every student the right kind of base from which to enjoy all that university has to offer.

And after all that, it’s up to you. Which is as it should be.

Almero: enjoy your independence
Almero And Feeling Safe
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Almero is a colourful brand; joyfully vibrant and diverse. The answer to the campaign lines lies in the word ‘Almero’- me. The lines are energetic and encourage students to explore their freedom and make their own decisions for themselves with confidence. This combines with oversized letters which create a sense of playfulness that this is a golden time to be enjoyed to the full.
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The object photography fosters the independent minds of students on their journey through university. They are curious, witty and full of double meanings. They focus on the activities and objects that a student would use on a day to day basis.
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Almero’s student accommodation has sites all over cities in the UK. Some photography focuses on what specific locations have to offer. An insight for prospective students from at home and abroad.
Throughout it all, Almero’s students are a diverse bunch of folks - real people who you meet out and about on campus!
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