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A hidden message
Love Welcomes works with women in refugee camps weaving beautiful homewares. But they are so much more than that. Each one has a hidden message - an orange thread woven in that is made from the discarded life vests that brought them there.

That inspired our new identity for them, which weaves a hidden message into the name using Morse code and the universal call of S-O-S.
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Brand idea
Morse Alphabet
Morse code was first developed by american artist and inventor Samuel Morse during the 1830s as a universal method to transmit natural language using only electrical pulses and the silence between them.

Its dots and dashes echo the stitches of the orange life vest fabric woven through Love Welcome's products, and give them a new way to weave their message through everything they do.
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More than
Love Welcomes' brand narrative
We are proud to make beautiful things, but there’s so much more to it than that.

Because everything we sell benefits women fleeing violence and poverty.

So, every piece is a tiny part of a much bigger story.

A story about the joy of learning new things and being able to provide for your family.

A story of hope, how new skills can bring a steady income, so a better future awaits.

A story of laughter, with friends working together.

And a story of pride, that comes from creating something beautiful and improving the lives of your community.

With this amount of love and care, of course everything we make is beautiful.
But it’s also much more than that.

Love Welcomes
More than beautiful
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Love Welcomes' team of refugee women transforming reclaimed life vests and blankets into beautiful, handmade welcome mats (and more) that they sell all over the world.
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Banksy Mat Co
Banksy welcome mat
Love Welcomes' most iconic product is a welcome mat hand-stitched using the fabric from life vests abandoned on the Mediterranean beaches. The mats were designed by the world-renowned artist, Banksy and made by Love Welcomes in Greek refugee camps.
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