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Perfect Light
The difference between a good room and the perfect one is the lighting. It’s the one thing that affects the mood of a room more than anything else.

When experts design an environment, they start with the light. Just think of any beautiful restaurant. Or bar. Or hotel.
Shot1 Final Triptych Small
Shot1 Final Left Breakfast
Shot1 Final Midde Work
Shot1 Final Right Dinner
The light is as important as the music. The light sets the atmosphere, controls the mood.

No one understands this better than Lutron. Demonstrating the transformational role that lighting can play in your home, across a digital campaign, comes with its challenges though.

We built on the creative platform of ‘Perfect Light’ and developed a campaign that sought to showcase Lutron’s smart lighting system across different stages of each day.
Shot3 Final Bg Triptych 2
Shot3 Final Bg Left Escape No Pico
Shot3 Final Bg Middle Play No Pico
Shot3 Final Bg Right Cinema No Pico
Simple gifs and triptychs tell the story of the passage of time.

Turning a living room from a playroom to a theatre. Or a kitchen from a breakfast bar to a late-night diner.

The perfect home needs the perfect light.