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The Smiling Saboteur
Charlotte Bartrop
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Charlotte has always found creative ways of fixing things. From an early age she was collecting nuts and bolts from the road and using them to fix things. Quite often things that weren’t broken. Her parents found this very rewarding but there may have been a small sigh of relief when she embarked on a degree in sculpture. She graduated with a First Class degree and a passion for brutalist architecture in which she finds a blessed relief from a life filled with charm and colour. Charlotte fills her spare time with crafts, swapping the intellectual challenge of problem solving for the practical challenge of actually putting things together. Her working life covered architecture, fine art publishing and interior design – all of which need a lot of fixing – before she discovered design and branding in 2016. There are some people who can fix things in the design world but very, very few who do so with an ever-ready smile. In fact, Charlotte may be the only one.