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The Hopeful Saboteur
Mark Diamond
Mark Diamond
What do you call a six foot six stand-up comedian? Well, ‘sir’ might be a good start. When Mark came down (for once that expression is accurate) from Cambridge he set about the serious business of entertaining total strangers.

The reality of comedy is cold midnight pasties in a filling station in a town you’ve never seen before and may never see again. It only took Mark a few years to remember that he is a vegan with a taste for daylight.

Branding was a natural fit. Deciphering data is reading the room: behind what we say we think and feel is what we really think and feel. Sometimes we only know it when we’re shocked to hear ourselves laugh aloud. Sometimes we only know it when a great brand shows us how it can become tangible.

Mark was a natural. His career flowed from Landor to Strategy Partner at Superunion, via Goosebumps and Brand Union. His experience includes: BBC, Equinor, British Airways, ESL (Esports League), Ericsson, AXA, Jaguar Land Rover, Tesco, Peabody, Ernst & Young and, er, Fulham FC

His Linkedin page shows rows of Honours and Awards, and we know there are some he has forgotten.

So if you’re passing a lonely filling station at midnight and you see someone trying to make a pastie laugh, pull over and say hello. You’ll enjoy the connection, he’s a Saboteur.