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The Intuitive Saboteur
Bella Betti-Berutto
Bella comes from a long family tradition of people who knew the wisdom of trusting their instincts. Something told her great-great-grandfather to grow an imposing walrus moustache, which served him well when he became Prime Minister of Newfoundland. Meanwhile, the great-grandfather on the other side was introducing judo to Italy, having learned a few nifty moves in Japan with the Navy. It may seem entirely intuitive that, with her family origins in Rome, Bella’s favourite pastime is cooking. But look further and you’ll find that the favourite cuisine in her repertoire is not Venetian, it’s Vietnamese. So your pasta may well turn out to be pho. When she’s not in the kitchen, Bella likes learning about people, and so she went on to study psychology. This led to a fascination with marginal communities and the socially maladjusted, so it was hardly surprising that Bella discovered an immediate affinity with Saboteur.