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The Nimble Saboteur
Francisca Posada-Baynham
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Francisca makes things look easy. Cambridge University? Skipped right in and took a First in Modern and Medieval Languages. Somewhere along the way, Francisca found time to play Lacrosse, pop up in a play at the Edinburgh Fringe, and work in Paris. It wouldn’t do to do things by halves, would it? Then an MSc in Marketing from City University. From there it was the WPP Fellowship, which is very hard to get into (well, it is for other people), and flitting effortlessly between roles in brand strategy, media, and employee experience, across London, New York, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan. But the Nimble Saboteur isn’t perfect; she admits to being rubbish on a bike. Which is some consolation for the rest of us.