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The Quiet Saboteur
Joe Cusack
Joe Cusack
Joe brings a rare and much needed quality to Saboteur: silence. This has come as a surprise to some of the Saboteurs, who have never heard of such a thing.

Joe believes that Strategy starts with listening. Over the years this novel technique has helped him to find new directions for Mercedes-Benz, Unilever, the British Heart Foundation and the NHS. Speak softly, but carry a sharp insight.

Quite apart from its practical applications, this unobtrusive technique has allowed Joe to accumulate an extraordinary range of arcane and impractical facts on subjects ranging from boxing to theology. He could probably name instances where these two disciplines have overlapped.

When he's not working, The Quiet Saboteur likes to listen to nothing at all - his favourite holiday was a ten day meditation retreat where it was forbidden to speak or make eye contact. However, a small baby has recently entered Joe’s life, so it may be fifteen years before he hears silence again.