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The Searching Saboteur
Kate Richmond
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Some people seem to come out of the womb with a career path in mind – not Kate. When she was very young she wanted to be a scientist (she liked the white lab coats), followed by a fashion designer (easels and fabric swatches looked like fun), then a nurse (her favourite doll came complete with a stethoscope). A wise child, at the age of four she informed her startled grandmother that dolphins are, in fact, mammals. An aspiring marine biologist, perhaps?

To postpone following any one route, Kate took on a degree in modern languages from Cambridge followed by a Master’s in film studies. She became President of her college’s May Ball, balancing academic research with the more hands-on job of event organising. Here, she learnt that behind the string quartets and fireworks, what really matters to 3,000 guests are rows of discreetly disguised loos. Presidencies have failed on less.

Never one to duck a challenge, Kate moved on to Paris where, among other things, she helped to organise fashion week runway shows (les WCs portables, anyone?) However, the world of Haute Couture introduced Kate to the less glamorous concept of poverty, and after a few years on a diet of baguettes and cheap wine she returned to London. Knowing that fashion wasn’t for her and having written her thesis on pregnancy in horror movies (no job opportunities there, at least without being arrested), Kate’s career continued to twist and turn. From doing marketing for tech start-ups to developing a blooming houseplant business, it’s been nothing if not varied. The latest step is Saboteur, where Kate will……?