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The Sparky Saboteur
Emma Lanman
Emma L For Site
Emma will always resist the easy choice. From a distinguished academic family - perched on the branches of the family tree is a Master of Balliol - her degree in History of Art naturally led her to the London Fire Brigade (her choice of Saboteur title was, she assures us, entirely co-incidental). She learned leadership the hard way, in the front seat of a big red fire engine, as Team Leader in a crew of very experienced men with very strong opinions. Emma’s next move was to start Van Girls, an all-female removals company that grew fast and attracted a lot of attention. She learned her presentation skills the hard way too, by appearing on Dragon’s Den. Along the way she paused to start a family. With twins. Of course. Some might describe this as the hard way, but that would be very unfair to two beautiful little girls.