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The Wide-Eyed Saboteur
Celeste Camilleri
Celeste Camilleri
Celeste has her own way of looking at the world.

When she took her first degree, in Photography, she became so interested in the history that she almost forgot to even take any pictures. Then came the Royal College of Art and postgraduate study in Information Experience Design where she had to forget most of what she knew on purpose. Like any real photographer, Celeste prefers spools of medium format film and the heavy ‘thunk’ of a manual shutter closing around the scene in question. On return from a recent trip, where she took lots of beautiful pictures, Celeste realised she hadn’t taken any photographs of people. (Well, let’s be frank, they mess up your beautiful compositions and get fidgety when they should be sitting still.)

Celeste is one of life's experimenters: she hates doing things a certain way just because they’ve always been done that way. As an optimist, she can always find the positive and is convinced that the pandemic has taught us valuable lessons that will generate positive change. Just wait, you will see.