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To create a radical rebrand for a business that uses astrophysics to understand asset prices, we looked to the stars.
Brand idea
Quant Insight is an innovative newcomer to data analytics. They use mathematical models from the science of astrophysics to decode the massive torrents of macro data that flood through the financial markets every minute of every day. It’s an inspired move – astrophysics is the art of finding patterns and connections in complex systems with billions of moving parts. So what happens if this science is applied to the financial markets?

It is, like all great ideas, brilliantly simple. So much so that you have to ask “Why hasn’t someone done this before?” But no-one has. It’s a radical new idea that demanded a radical new design.
The narrative
Qi Look Up
We have searched the patterns in the stars to better understand the dynamics of the financial cosmos.

We then used pioneering mathematics and technology to put that understanding in your hands.

When astrophysics is applied to financial data, something extraordinary happens.

You can see patterns where others often find confusion and make precise and accurate decisions instead of relying on ‘educated’ guesses.

It seems the secret to financial success really can be found in the stars.

Quant Insight. Look Up.
Q-eye: a logo that looks up
Colours from the stars
The design style: anti-gravity
The identity
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