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All for wine
and wine for all
The business objective for The Vintner – as it was known before the brand refresh – was to unlock growth by pivoting from a focus on the trade (bars, restaurants and hotels) and big corporate accounts as their main customers and channels, to a consumer based business.

The marketing objective therefore was to transform the brand and become a truly 21st century, inclusive wine merchant by appealing to a much wider range of consumers.

A belief that ‘good wine shouldn’t be complicated’ underpinned the articulation of a new set of values that supported this transformation both internally within the organisation and externally with customers and partners.
Brand idea
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3 new brand values
Wine for all
People not egos
No bullsh*t
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A brand narrative brought this spirit to life.

Almost everybody loves a good glass of wine. But few people enjoy buying it.

It’s a stressful area where you feel that mistakes are there to be made...

Google only adds to the confusion - you don’t need more information; you need the right information.

Help is here.

At Vintner we believe that anybody who knows how to enjoy life can enjoy good wine.

We have a team of experts who really know what they’re talking about.

And better still, they speak a language you can understand.

We have a hand-picked list that only has good wines and always has fair prices.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy it.

Vintner, wine for all and all for wine
The name went through a subtle change from two words to one: Vintner.

The identity - like the belief, values and narrative - is built on a simple idea:

Vintner is a window onto a more inclusive and colourful world of wine.

A world that celebrates the joy of wine and simplifies not only how you buy it and enjoy it, but also how you understand it. No jargon. No bullsh*t.
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The style and tone speak to today’s wine-drinkers in a language that they will understand. These are people who enjoy life and wine is part of that - from a nice glass with Netflix to a beautiful bottle on the table. It’s what you want, when you want it, how you want it. It’s even – whisper this – fun.
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The V icon is built for the digital space. A bold, ownable asset that allows Vintner to enter into the digital world with confidence whilst maintaining a playful, human approach.
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The new tone also allows us to engage with this audience around things that really concern them: Sustainability, Wine Made By Women, etc

The photography is all about wine being enjoyed. Wine moments we can all relate to. The vibrant colour palette brings home the message that this is a celebration.
Wine for all, and all for wine.

Free from: stuffy exclusivity
Free to: bring the joy of wine to all