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Everybody loves flowers.

They are a simple pleasure that’s easy to share. And yet something that looks so natural and effortless is really the result of a huge amount of concentrated effort and a time-sensitive delivery system that takes logistics to new heights.

Obviously, the business of delivering perfect fresh flowers requires immense amounts of skill, knowledge, patience and understanding. It’s also a business that’s as demanding and as volatile as the fashion industry. Flowers can be fickle: this season’s must-have bouquet might only be good for granny next year.
For almost a century Hayford and Rhodes have been one of the most respected companies in this highly competitive business. The new management felt that the classic brand had become overfamiliar and was in danger of looking dull. With a business plan that included an extensive range of gift boxes presenting flowers with champagne and deluxe chocolates, it was time to refresh the brand. The process started with a new narrative:

A bouquet can bring a room to life
A single stem can transform a table
Flowers add magic
And where there are flowers
There is someone who cares

The pivot of the narrative is the connection “and where…”. So the liberating idea became “…and flowers”.

The ampersand has always been at the heart of the Hayford and Rhodes brand, yet its potential had never been fully exploited. The ampersand was elegantly re-drawn to make it subtly more prominent and to give it a more botanical character.

The colour palette was discreetly, but radically, updated. The overall effect is to produce a classic English brand which manages to respect tradition and yet be utterly contemporary, in the style of Fortnum & Mason or Crabtree & Evelyn.

A handful of flowers can fill a room
Fill it with colour
Fill it with scent
And… most of all…
Fill it with love
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