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The world of the financial sector is instinctively conservative. Quant insight wanted to be free of the shackles of tradition and convention. Their services help to level the playing field by allowing everyday investors access to an incredibly powerful machine. As such, they needed to stand apart from the average analytics firm. They wanted to become more human and accessible, while still retaining the wonder of applying astrophysics (the study of space) to finance.
By positioning Quant insight as a challenger brand, we helped them to develop a very clear sense of who they are and where they stand as a business. We then projected that identity through the brand idea of ‘Look up’. This expresses the role astrophysics plays in Quant insight but it also captures an attitude of not being stuck in the status quo. ‘Look up’ then became a design idea, leading to anti-gravity design principles paired with beautiful Hubble space imagery.
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