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Storegga designs and develops net-zero infrastructure. That’s the stuff that enables carbon reduction, and carbon removal. The stuff that, if put to proper use, might just be the saviour of us all.​
So how do you “brand” such an important organisation, amidst a global climate emergency? Do you set them up to be the boldest in their business – to set the climate alarm blaring within earshot of government and industry? ​

Or do you position them as the clearest heads in the climate debate? To cut through the pandemonium of activism, and the complexity of policy, with a clear, well-calculated route to redemption?​

The answer, of course, is both.​

Because this is a company that will succeed by marrying these, almost-contradictory qualities. They must be energetic, and pragmatic. Urgent, but clear-headed. They must bring their unrivalled experience to emerging technology. Spell out the problem, and prescribe the solution. ​

Storegga’s voice and identity is designed to reflect these dualities. To amplify them, and urge others to buy into them. We’re proud to be partners to an organisation working hard to bring clarity to industry, to bring hope to humanity, and to make our Future Possible.
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