Tom Gilbey
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The eponymous Tom Gilbey is a charismatic individual who grew up in the wine trade. His family became famous in the Twenties for using the Roundhouse to store the latest craze in London, Gilbey's Gin. Tom was packed off to spend much of his childhood at his grandfather's chateaux in Bordeaux - and this was a time when it was, rightly, thought quite proper to dunk a baguette in your glass for the child to suck.

His new company will host wine tastings and tours, and curate beautiful wine events for your home (yes, even if you only have a small chateaux.). They intend to create experiences that are premium, but not pompous. Educational, but not dull. Serious, without taking themselves too seriously. Our challenge was to create a brand to match that ambition.

The branding had to reflect the joyful, life-enhancing experience of drinking good wine. Using Tom’s initials, the design reflects a wine glass, a pour, and a wink. A monogram that is truly a smile in a glass, it communicates the brand's positioning as a company that is serious about its products but also knows how to have fun: the serious wine company that doesn't take itself too seriously.
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