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Free from: the snobbish and stuffy exclusivity of the wine world.
Free to: bring the joy of wine to all.

The Vintner was a small independent wine merchant with a focus on trade (mostly restaurants) and a limited number of private customers.

The intention was to pivot the business away from trade and towards a broader customer base, especially the new, younger audience of wine drinkers.

This was a major change of direction and it quickly became obvious that they would need a complete rebrand and re-launch.

The new audience would not respond to the old messages and would not connect with the old tone of voice.

“Good wine needn’t be complicated” was the liberating idea that drove the rebrand. That led to a new set of bold and simple brand values:

Wine for all.
People not egos.
No BS. (In vino veritas, after all).
The brand name became Vintner.

The new logo is a window onto a bright, new, accessible world of wine. A world where people aren’t huddled round dusty old bottles in reverential silence but are actually - whisper this - enjoying the stuff.

These are people who get the most from life, and wine is a part of that. From a helpful glass with Netflix to a special bottle on the table. It’s what you want, when you want it, how you want it. We even use the f word – fun.

The new tone allows the brand to talk to this audience about the things that really matter to them. Sustainability. Wine Made By Women. Gay Wine (yes, it’s a thing). Whatever.

The transparent logo is built for the digital space. A bold, ownable asset that plays easily across social and allows the brand to maintain a lively, irreverent tone of voice.

The clarity and simplicity of the assets has allowed the in-house team to produce and sustain a constant stream of first class social feeds, with a penchant for painfully-shareable puns.

The brand personality is an expression of the personalities of the people who are running the brand. For a generation who value authenticity, this is priceless.
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