At Saboteur, we set ourselves free by all experimenting, challenging each other, and having ideas.
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Here are some things you should know that capture the spirit of who we are, how we work, and what makes us different.
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Enjoy yourself
Seriously. This is the first rule. In our experience the best work is done with a sense of exhilaration. “Can we really get away with this?” is our favourite question.
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Declaration of Independence
Our mission is to set brands free, so we value freedom for ourselves. No set working hours. As much holiday as you need. An environment where you feel safe, supported and free to be yourself. It’s your life and we’d like you to bring as much of it as possible with you to work.
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All for one
Being part of a team means you fail together, and succeed together. It means trusting one another, and being brave enough to seek out feedback. It means valuing mistakes as chances to learn and grow. That’s what teams are all about.
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Deep, vivid, selfless
Deep understanding, vivid imagination and selfless partnership. In our experience the best clients are looking for these three things. As much as humanly possible we try to work with these three qualities in mind.
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Talent over titles
We’re not keen on titles. What matters is what you can contribute, and that will vary from project to project. Each project has a team and each member will have a clear role. You’ll be part of many teams, playing different roles each time. For the right project, you’ll be the team leader. Other times, you’ll be there to support. We think this gives everyone a fair chance to be at their best.
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Sponges not rocks
Saboteurs are life-long learners. It’s not because we are brilliant, it’s more like we are easily bored. Starting out on a project where you think you know the answer is a miserable experience, like painting a long fence. We’d rather find a new answer (we don’t like fences anyway, on principle). So, we are always looking for new discoveries. All suggestions always welcome.
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Freedom of information
We have a freedom of information act at Saboteur. We are open about what everyone earns and how the business is doing at any point in time. And all our big decisions are made in public. It’s important. You have a right to know.
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Reality Check
There’s a whole world out there, beyond the bubble that we work in. That’s where we want the impact of our work to be felt so we try to bring as much of it into our thinking as we can.
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Look after yourself
We want you to be at your best. Do what you need to, to make sure your energy levels and all your other levels are where you want them to be. There’s yoga and meditation in the building and a pub on the corner. Each to their own.
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Write new rules
Our rules are for people who don’t like rules. So there’s one big difference - if you’re going to live by the rules you should be able to write the rules. You’ll see lots of ways for us to do things better - please don’t keep them to yourself. Your ideas are why you’re here and we want to hear them.
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One more thing...
We aren’t here to lay bricks. We’re here to build cathedrals.
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