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The Artful Saboteur
Patricia Rodríguez
The Artful Saboteur left her beautiful hometown in Spain because it was too peaceful and too tasteful. With a degree in fine art, she went looking for adventures and found them in places like Pentagram, Landor, and Saffron. There she worked with the legendary Wally Olins, who was an influencer long before the term was invented. He shared her indifference to the familiar, and inspired her to keep looking for new adventures.

Cupertino next, which can only mean Apple, launching the iPhone in Europe. Back in London, she founded the art and photography magazine Kilimanjaro, an iconic publication that was sometimes the size of a phone book (ask your mum).

When she's not exploring, Artful loves the rigour of classical forms like the novel - she has published three - and producing micro fictions with the V&A.