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The Wandering Saboteur
Brie Gobel
Brie Gobel
When Brie was ten her father took her on a trip from their home in rural New Hampshire to Oxford, England. Naturally, she assumed it was Hogwarts, a conviction she maintains to this day.

Her career has been a wander in itself. An undergraduate degree in global affairs and developmental economics was followed by a stint as a professional photographer on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Then her wandering brought her to Central Saint Martin’s where she graduated with an MA in graphic communication design. There, along with a group of friends including Hannah, The Curious Saboteur, she founded a series of talks called Fail Better. This autobiographical lecture series now attracts an international audience.

Somewhere along the way she finds time for pottery, print making, photography, illustration, traveling, cooking, hiking, climbing and learning languages (she's currently learning French) Yet, somehow, it feels as if her journey has only just begun...