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Inspired by impossible
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Deeper Insights are an extraordinary company. They use data science and AI to transform organisations and the lives of their customers. But like many specialist businesses, a barrier to their growth is making a highly technical offer appeal to a non-technical audience.

It’s a barrier we overcame by repositioning AI from a method of creating efficiency to a means of achieving the impossible.

Simpler surgery. Perfect information. Profound cost savings. Numerous businesses found these things impossible until Deeper Insights came along.

Because they are inspired by impossible.
The visual identity brought the positioning to life with the ultimate symbol of impossibility: the square peg and the round hole. The square and the circle become multi-dimensional, fluid shapes that morph from one into the other, as a representation of impossibility. Their fluidity reminds us of the complex layers of information that elude human perception.

Once lines and shapes emerge, they move and connect to form new patterns and meaning, juxtaposing with photography to show the real-world benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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