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The Dreaming Saboteur
Alex Clegg
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Alex is an internationalist with a Russian, Dutch and English family. He speaks four European languages, Mandarin Chinese and some Vietnamese – the result of living and working in Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok and Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City where he ran the Ogilvy group. Graduating in Theology from Cambridge University and with a Masters in Chinese Area Studies from SOAS, Alex started out as a strategic planner and won the first ever IPA Effectiveness award for a case from Asia.

He came back to the UK to run Brand Union for WPP, and led the team that produced award winning work for International Airlines Group’s new airline LEVEL, ESL (E-Sports League) and Vodafone, before breaking free to set up Saboteur together with Paul and Nick. As Saboteur expands, John Lennon’s “...but I’m not the only one” is frequently on this Dreaming Saboteur’s mental play list.