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The Subtle Saboteur
Latifa Zouaoui
Latifa Z V2 Website
The beautiful Arabic name Latifa means subtle/gentle, which could not be more appropriate. A calm and reassuring presence, Latifa has confidently managed some very delicate and difficult situations, including volunteering to manage honest conversations between Theresa May and the Grenfell Tower survivors. In her work in that community Latifa was introduced to the late Queen and Prince William. When she’s not working or volunteering, Latifa enjoys reconnecting with her cherished Moroccan heritage and visiting her parents’ place of birth – a small Berber town in the snow-capped mid-Atlas Mountains known for its rare minerals and delicious apples. So naturally she loves all things sweet especially fine Moroccan biscuits such as ‘kaab el ghazal’ (translates as gazelle’s horns and she highly recommends!) accompanied with fresh mint ‘etay’, which must be served in a traditional ‘bered’ and poured with precision into an ornately decorated glass at a height of at least 0.5 meters! There must be a ‘kash kousha’ – a fluffy, minty foam cap sitting on top of the tea, otherwise start again! But of all the rare delicacies that her sophisticated palate has enjoyed; a special place is reserved for bright pink M&S Percy Pigs. Vegetarian, of course.