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Sabo Cards For Web Nov 2021
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Jess Literland Photo
Jess Litherland
The Soulful Saboteur

Jess sailed through Falmouth University with a First Class degree in Graphic Design. Unlike most designers, who focus on the surface of things, Jess is fascinated by the structures that underpin it all, so if you fancy a long conversation just ask her about grids. Her work has been admired by, amongst others, someone called President Biden. She indulges her wild side with long bouts of ocean swimming but compensates for this by drinking bathtubs of weak, milky tea.
Patricia Gaensly
Patricia Gaensly
The Charming Saboteur

As every football fan knows, doing the impossible whilst making it look easy is the hallmark of the Brazilian style. Patricia Gaensly left Rio de Janeiro in search of a Masters from the LSE. 15 years later she's racked up management experience on a client list that includes HSBC, Coca-Cola, International Olympic Committee, Oxford University Press, JLL, L’Oreal. When we drew up our dreamteam of the best people we’ve ever worked with there was one person on every list. Beautifully organised and always smiling, this is the Charming Saboteur.
Mica Zetterquist
Mica Zetterquist Helger
The Striding Saboteur

Mica took her first degree at the prestigious Lund University, where she studied War and Peace – not the book, the real things. That wasn’t exciting enough, so she headed for Ravensbourne, where she stood tall amongst the huddled masses on the South Bank. At the Creative Conscience Awards her Brand New World project, which wrote guidelines for the use of the planet, took the Gold. Fearlessly moving forward, this is The Striding Saboteur.
Microsoftteams Image
Charlotte Bartrop
The Smiling Saboteur

Charlotte has always found creative ways of fixing things. From an early age she was collecting nuts and bolts from the road and using them to fix things. Quite often things that weren’t broken. Her parents found this very rewarding but there may have been a small sigh of relief when she embarked on a degree in sculpture. She graduated with a First Class degree and a passion for brutalist architecture in which she finds a blessed relief from a life filled with charm and colour. Charlotte fills her spare time with crafts, swapping the intellectual challenge of problem solving for the practical challenge of actually putting things together. Her working life covered architecture, fine art publishing and interior design – all of which need a lot of fixing – before she discovered design and branding in 2016. There are some people who can fix things in the design world but very, very few who do so with an ever-ready smile. In fact, Charlotte may be the only one.
Mark Diamond
Mark Diamond
The Hopeful Saboteur

What do you call a six foot six stand-up comedian? Well, ‘sir’ might be a good start. When Mark came down (for once that expression is accurate) from Cambridge he set about the serious business of entertaining total strangers.

The reality of comedy is cold midnight pasties in a filling station in a town you’ve never seen before and may never see again. It only took Mark a few years to remember that he is a vegan with a taste for daylight.

Branding was a natural fit. Deciphering data is reading the room: behind what we say we think and feel is what we really think and feel. Sometimes we only know it when we’re shocked to hear ourselves laugh aloud. Sometimes we only know it when a great brand shows us how it can become tangible.

Mark was a natural. His career flowed from Landor to Strategy Partner at Superunion, via Goosebumps and Brand Union. His experience includes: BBC, Equinor, British Airways, ESL (Esports League), Ericsson, AXA, Jaguar Land Rover, Tesco, Peabody, Ernst & Young and, er, Fulham FC

His Linkedin page shows rows of Honours and Awards, and we know there are some he has forgotten.

So if you’re passing a lonely filling station at midnight and you see someone trying to make a pastie laugh, pull over and say hello. You’ll enjoy the connection, he’s a Saboteur.
Paul Cardwell
Paul Cardwell
The Laughing Saboteur

Words matter. This may seem like a quaint point of view in these post-fact, post-truth times, but nonetheless it’s a position that Paul would defend. For more than twenty years he has been one of the most awarded copywriters in London, creator of one of the UK’s most loved advertising campaigns of all time - Creature Comforts - and has contributed articles to all the major trade publications, including a regular column in Creative Review.

A passionate and lifelong devotee of the arts, Paul is a director of the Marinsky Theatre Trust and has previously sat on the boards of Sadler’s Wells Commission, the Jerwood Foundation and served as advisor to The Photographer’s Gallery. Paul has lived and worked in Italy and across the Middle East appearing regularly as a judge on the most prestigious awards panels. He has also appeared on stage with the legendary ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina (he was holding her coat). Paul takes words seriously but laughs at life.
Playful Jan21 Sq
Nick Eagleton
The Playful Saboteur

A sculptor by training, Nick has built up one of the most successful creative careers in the world of branding. With a range of clients from Shakespeare’s Globe to multi-national business giants, his work covers strategic insight and thinking, through design and into communications and experience. He has won international recognition and plaudits. Nick is regularly invited to be a judge on the industry’s top creative award juries, including the 2020 D&AD Branding Jury.

Nick is also a renowned teacher and his creative thinking classes are hugely popular both in the UK and across the globe at forums and conferences. Despite his significant professional experience and reputation, he remains a child at heart and delights in the title The Playful Saboteur.
Alex Cleg
Alex Clegg
The Dreaming Saboteur

Alex is an internationalist with a Russian, Dutch and English family. He speaks four European languages, Mandarin Chinese and some Vietnamese – the result of living and working in Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok and Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City where he ran the Ogilvy group. Graduating in Theology from Cambridge University and with a Masters in Chinese Area Studies from SOAS, Alex started out as a strategic planner and won the first ever IPA Effectiveness award for a case from Asia.

He came back to the UK to run Brand Union for WPP, and led the team that produced award winning work for International Airlines Group’s new airline LEVEL, ESL (E-Sports League) and Vodafone, before breaking free to set up Saboteur together with Paul and Nick. As Saboteur expands, John Lennon’s “...but I’m not the only one” is frequently on this Dreaming Saboteur’s mental play list.
The Juggling Saboteur
Miranda Bolter
The Juggling Saboteur

Miranda is no stranger to the organised chaos of a working studio, she is one of twelve children and now has two of her own.

Through no fault of her own she was born on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. Having solved that small problem, she embarked upon the most Western career she could find: Marketing. It only took ten years for Miranda to realise that her destiny lay elsewhere and, after an art school reboot, she found her vocation in design and a home in one of the smartest studios in London where she quickly became one of the most respected designers, working across the whole portfolio from global brands to small start-ups and charities.

Although her shelves are sagging under the weight of design awards from D&AD, Design Week, Clio, New York Festivals and Cannes Lions she is perversely proud of the one glaring omission: she failed her Housekeeping Badge in the Brownies in 1983. A rare smudge in an impeccable report card.

Jugglers juggle but, for an encore, the real ones do it on a monocycle - Miranda judges the D&AD New Blood Awards and mentors at the School of Communication Arts. She is a world class designer who has her feet on the ground. This is an extraordinary combination: it would be hard to name another.
James Osborn
James Osborn
The Hungry Saboteur

James’ 10-year experience playing international hockey for England adds a highly unusual and valuable set of skills to the team at Saboteur. Of particular interest are the knowledge that James brings from the world of sport psychology (for which James earned a master’s degree), training and mental fitness. He then went on to international agencies, looking after clients in the fields of design licensing, video games, e-sports and business development.

James loves to solve problems, generate ideas and foster a culture where talent thrives. He has found a natural home in Saboteur, where these questions are asked every day. James believes in high-intensity workouts and that hunger is your best friend, it keeps you sharp. His fellow saboteurs agree - in principle.
Marina Zheng
Marina Zheng
The Spirited Saboteur

Marina is a restless spirit – to date she has lived in China, the US and now the UK. But at heart she is a native of the digital world with an intense personal and professional interest in social media. Graduating from NYU, Marina recently completed a Masters’ degree in Media and Communications at LSE where she explored how social media is impacting the way museums and art galleries brand and market themselves.

With languages that include English, Mandarin Chinese, Shanghainese and Spanish, Marina is a citizen of the world who is enjoying discovering life in London.
Tung Ki Kong
Tung Ki Kong
The Courageous Saboteur

It takes a special kind of person to leave home for a career in a completely different culture with a new language. When the language is Japanese and the job involves making content for Uniqlo social that’s even more impressive. Succeed at that - then head off to the other side of the world for another new adventure, another new language, new place, new people. It didn’t take us long to figure out what kind of Saboteur Tung is going to be. Fear nothing, try everything. Welcome, Tung Ki Kong, The Courageous Saboteur.
Hannah Kelly
Hannah Kelly
The Curious Saboteur

Curious is a word with many meanings all of them true of Hannah. She can’t resist climbing vertical surfaces – cliffs, walls, boulders, mountains. She founded Fail Better – a monthly series of talks where creative luminaries share their failures. Which itself is curious, because Hannah is not an expert on failure: she has an MA from Central St Martin’s. She gets around London - very quickly - by bike, wearing a battered helmet with “No Fear” graffiti’d on the side. Never was a truer word spoken.
Brie Gobel V2
Brie Gobel
The Wandering Saboteur

When Brie was ten her father took her on a trip from their home in rural New Hampshire to Oxford, England. Naturally, she assumed it was Hogwarts, a conviction she maintains to this day. Her career has been a wander in itself. An undergraduate degree in global affairs and developmental economics was followed by a year as a professional photographer on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Then her wandering brought her to Central Saint Martin’s where she graduated with an MA in graphic communication design. There, along with a group of friends including Hannah, The Curious Saboteur, she founded a series of talks called Fail Better. This autobiographical lecture series now attracts an international audience. Somewhere along the way she finds time for print making, photography, illustration, traveling, cooking, hiking, climbing, playing instruments and learning languages (currently learning French and brushing up on her German) Yet, somehow, it feels as if her journey has only just begun...
Natalie Pilch
Natalie Pilch
The Unlikely Saboteur

Natalie has had a stellar career leading finance teams and departments in multiple agency organisations. In addition to finance expertise, Natalie has rich experience managing businesses more broadly including business strategy and structure, and several long-term client relationships.

What makes her an Unlikely Saboteur is her creative and exuberant personality, something for which senior finance talent isn’t always known.
Alan Couldrey
Alan Couldrey
The Lyrical Saboteur

All the world’s a stage for Alan, who trained in drama before editing a magazine and then moving on to run creative departments and then agencies in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Alan’s many hybrid talents span creative and management, communications and branding, ideas, and executional expertise. His career has seen him excel as Executive Creative Director, CEO of multiple offices, as well as regional (APAC) CEO for Brand Union. Based in Hong Kong, Alan also has a home in North East Thailand but is available for guest appearances at a venue near you.
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