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Sing for Freedom is a choir for survivors of torture. They sing from the heart, which is where it will reach you. They have reclaimed their voices and use them to spread joy. We have learnt a great deal about freedom from them and have loved developing a joyful new identity for them.
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Sff Poster And Sticker
We wanted Sign for Freedom to be full of joy—just like the choir members themselves. There’s nothing worth celebrating more than finding your voice again after having it taken away. When creating the mark and choosing the colours we picked the options that were the most joyful. We wanted the identity to sing almost as loudly and joyfully as the choir members.
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Sff Sticker
"You know, back, with the torture, you lose your mind, you lose everything, but if you make choir it makes you happy"
—Choir Member
Sff Notebook V2
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